Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh, the Things Kids Do

It's always amazing to see the things kids can come up with to get themselves into trouble. I watched a couple videos on YouTube this morning that feature one little guy who just doesn't learn. There was one called Kids aren't that smart - Bars.

And this other one about the boy and his cat.

The cat one really reminded me of when Beth was little and how she always wanted to 'love' the cat, even though he told her quite clearly that he wanted to be left alone, until finally he had to resort to biting her.

Of course the videos got me to wondering where this little guy's parents were - because he really could have used some supervision. Kids aren't always smart enough to know what's best, that's why they need two parents to take care of them! Unfortunately, unless you remember how to think like a kid, it's sometimes hard to imagine what they might do until they actually do it. At least it was for me.

What are some of the things your kids did that left you shaking your head and wondering why it ever entered their little heads to do that?