Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not Cool, Sears

We went to Sears tonight so Jeffrey could spend his $50 card. He got a couple pairs of dress pants, and Cory got a couple dress shirts - with the card only about $8. So that was a pretty good deal.

Then we went down to the juniors department to see if I could find something to use my $10 coupon on. They really didn't have a lot that I was interested in, but I went through the clearance, tried on some pants, jeans, and shorts, and found that all the sizes seem to run really small. So I had to find some larger sizes and try those on and finally found a top, a pair of shorts, and a swimsuit bottom. I gave the top to Jeffrey to buy. It was $15 so would only cost $5 with the coupon. I was going to buy the swimsuit bottom and shorts - $7.99 and $3.99, $2 after coupon. BUT, when we got to the register, and Jeffrey tried to buy the top, the cashier told him that they were no longer accepting the coupon and pointed to a sign on the register that said they weren't accepting them and apologizing for the inconvenience. So we just tossed our stuff on the register and walked out. Talk about a waste of time!

If they'd posted that sign in the department, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble trying stuff on - because it wasn't like I really needed anything, but I was willing to look since they gave me the coupons. It really wasn't worth the trouble after all. When we got home and told Beth what happened, she said we should have asked to talk to the manager and made them honor the coupon. Remember, she works in retail and sees this kind of stuff all the time. I guess I just don't think like a real customer? Still, the coupon is supposed to be valid from 9/15 - 11/14, which means it's only been less than 10 days and already they're not honoring it? Not cool.

The weird thing is that when I got home, I checked Juniors apparel at, found a pair of jeans I liked, and entered the coupon there. Guess what? $10 off my order. How come I can use the coupon at but not in the store? Is it just my local Sears? Has anyone else had this problem? So I saved $7 or so that I was going to spend on stuff that I didn't really need - but the top was cute - I'm still quite frustrated.

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  1. You definitely should have asked to talk to a manager. With those dates...the coupon should have been honored.


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