Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Guess I Didn't Need Those Boots...

Last week I mentioned a certain website that was putting all UGGs on sale for 80% off. Now, the last few pairs of boots I've had cost $20 or less. Yes, I love Goodwill and clearance! But, the idea of saving 80% got me to looking at some of these boots, and I found some I really liked. Real suede, sheepskin, fleece, cushiony soles - they sounded really nice. So, this morning I attempted to buy some - only to be completely frustrated.

I put the boots I wanted into my 'shopping bag' then went to see if I could grab the pair Beth wanted, too. Hers weren't available any more, so I decided to go ahead and buy mine. By the time I registered with the site - as far as putting in my name and email and selecting a password - I got a message telling me that I requested 1 pair of the boots but they only had 0, please adjust the amount or remove the item. Huh? My boots were just snagged out of my cart! Did someone else get them?

I didn't think to screenshot the first time, but I tried a different size only to have the same thing happen:

I tried several more times, and just got messages that the item was not available or out of stock or else the server timed out. I guess everyone else was interested in saving 80% too.

Frustrating, but I guess that means I wasn't supposed to get those particular boots - and I saved myself $46.95. Maybe I could use that for some Dansko boots or the Ariat ones I was looking at last year? Or maybe I should just wear the $13 ones I bought at Walmart for a few more winters...