Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kitties and Stuff

I accomplished a lot today - folding towels, washing dishes, snuggling a little kitty, all kinds of important things. I entered a couple giveaways, searched some web directories, picked tomatoes from the garden, and made zucchini bread. There are a couple more zucchini out in the garden that will need picked before too long. The tomatoes taste good, but they're all cracked, and I have to cut a lot off of them because they get bad around the cracks.

There was quite a bit of the kitty snuggling going on. Weasley is still kind of skittish, but he's settling in well. He's getting used to us and loves to be petted, as long as we don't move too fast. I'll sit down next to him, and he'll just flop down on his side and purr and purr. Then he'll get up, walk around and rub on me and finally climb into my lap and settle down. I can't exactly get up and go do anything when he does that, can I? I figure if we give him lots of love and attention he'll settle right in and maybe even decide to be a snuggly lap kitty. Tillie's been pretty loving today, too - maybe trying to be sure we don't forget her. She was also less timid toward him, following him around while watching his every move and growling at him. The growling and hissing doesn't seem to bother Weasley since he was the runt of the litter and all the other kitties used to growl at him. He's used to it, and he's determined to be her friend anyway.