Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy Day

My dining room is empty now - no table, no chairs, no china cabinet. Jeffrey and Cory moved all those out into the garage. Then they mowed the yard, and Jeffrey cleaned out the shed and moved some of the deck furniture into it for the winter. Cory went to do homework after the yard was mowed, but Jeffrey was busy from fairly early this morning until after 6pm - certainly not a lazy Sunday. If he keeps this up, he won't have to use the fitness equipment in the basement to get in shape!

We still have the big table and 4 rocking chairs out on the deck, so if we get some nice weather we'll still have somewhere to sit. It's supposed to be 60° tomorrow, so I just might have to sneak out there for a while to read my book. I did take some time to read it today, but I was busy, too - cleaning up the kitchen, cleaning out the pantry and the cabinet by the back door so the boys could move it into the garage, going through coats and jackets in the front closet, etc. I even got rid of a few jackets. We are going to have to make a trip to Goodwill soon to get rid of some of this stuff we've got bagged up.

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