Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Have a Health Insurance Gap

Since Beth is 19 now and not going to school anywhere, she's no longer covered by our medical insurance. She's joined the over 47 million people in the United States that are un-insured, and now she has to figure out if there's any such thing as affordable health insurance. She doesn't work enough hours to qualify for any benefits, so that's out. We did get some kind of prescription discount card in the mail that's supposed to at least save her a little if she needs a prescription.
For now she's not really doing much about it, just letting it go and hoping for the best.

Have any of you had 'kids' in this situation? What did they do?


  1. Can't comment on a child, but when I graduated college, I had a job that offered health insurance, but I did not think at the time it was affordable. So, I chose not to have coverage. About years later, I took a job that paid significantly less, but included health insurance. Considering I did not have much of a need for medical care until I had my first child, I probably could have gone longer without the insurance. I probably would have looked for a private policy that covered something major, and paid for regular visits out of pocket.

  2. When Matt worked for the Import Dealership, they had terrible insurance. So I looked on line as was able to private health insurance at a fairly reasonable price through United Healthcare. The only glich is that they disallowed coverage for his gallbladder (he had an attack the year before). You might check on line and see what you can find; I think I just Googled the topic. Even if you get something to cover a catastrophic event would be worth while.

  3. Thank goodness we don't have that worry over here with the National Health Service.

    Hope you find something soon that's suitable!

  4. My plan was to vote for Obama and a bunch of socialist congress critters so that I could get health care paid by the tax payers of America rather than take responsibility for my own health and for paying my way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those idiots in Washington will actually pass the socialist health care reform so that I and a bunch of other people can benefit from further public subsidy. Imagine if they actually reformed the system in such a way to create more choices by limiting gov't interference that artificially inflates the costs of health care. That would be a bad deal for me and others because although health care would be more affordable, I'd still have to pay for it! Other people have lots of money; they should have to pay for things I need because I don't have lots of money and my credit cards are maxed out (I don't have a job like those rich people -- I tried to get one for, like, three days a few months ago, but no such luck). So, I'm hanging on for the communist/socialist forces in the nation to get their act in gear and force the public option on everyone for my benefit.


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