Friday, October 09, 2009

The Lesson Here is...

...always take everything with you when you're going to be away from home.

I always pack too much. I know I do, but it's so hard not to just throw everything in that you can get in your suitcase, and besides, I never know what I'll feel like wearing or what the weather is going to be like. This year I tried to cut down, but I still packed too much - except I didn't have everything I needed. There were things I should have grabbed but didn't, like kitchen towels and baking dishes. Why a really nice villa with a bigger, nicer kitchen than some people have in their houses doesn't come supplied with towels and baking dishes, I just don't know. But, we made do and went to Walmart. Now I have some new bar cloths and mugs, and Beth has some new baking dishes and a blender.

My friend Peggy is especially happy she brought her Branded flash drive with all her files on it because she found out that she needed to get an ad to the printers ASAP. It would have been a lot more work to start from scratch than to use a file she already had on the flash drive. She also brought a lot more stuff for the kitchen than I did.

The lesson seems to be: Pack everything, because you're gonna need it, but especially bring all computers, files and technology - because those aren't as easily replaced at the local Wally World as a few kitchen towels or 13x9 baking dishes.


  1. Trying planning for a 5 month trip. I know I will take more than I need but I might not be able to find what I want in Mexico.

  2. Anna, I always pack too much too. In an effort to cut down this year I thought, "No need to pack an iron, ironing board, baking dishes, kitchen towels, and corkscrew, surely they'll have those things...Nope. I did, however, bring my cast iron pan (and forgot the lid at home). But, we made do with a trip to Walmart and the dryer.


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