Friday, October 02, 2009

Just a Little Something that Bugs Me

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Toothpaste on the bathroom faucet or on the hand towel.

Seriously, I try really hard to be sure I rinse my mouth before I dry it and clean off the faucet when I get toothpaste on it. Why can't everyone else? The kids are especially bad about this. Ever since we got Tillie, it has been Beth's job to clean the hall bathroom, because I don't want to deal with the cat litter. And Beth only cleans the bathroom when it's absolutely necessary, like when people are coming over, and only if she's told. In between cleanings I can hardly believe what a mess that bathroom gets in. Even when I haven't cleaned our bathroom in a while, it never gets that bad.

Maybe it's because I rinse the faucet off at the time, and rinse out the tub after a shower, and wipe down the sink periodically?
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  1. I hear ya! Aurora and Aidan do the exact same thing...toothpaste everywhere.


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