Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Wednesday Night Already?

I just realized I haven't posted anything here since Saturday morning's Camera Critters. Where has all the time gone? I'll tell you. It's gone into cleaning and organizing and trying to get the house back into shape.

We had our friend Tom, not just a friend but a professional remodeling contractor, lay tile in our kitchen, dining room, and front entryway last week. Then he came back Sunday and put tile in the hall bathroom, with a little help from Jeffrey.

Then, once the tile was done, it was time to move the furniture back in - except that we had to have our other friend Mark come in and stretch and fasten the carpet so it meets up with the tile nicely and also stretch the carpet in the bedroom to get the wrinkles out. So, we moved the living room furniture into the empty dining room and moved the bedroom furniture and everything we could into the kids' rooms for that. After that, everything needed moved back into the proper room, starting with the bedroom, into the living room, and then the dining room. And while we're at it, dusting and cleaning everything and throwing out things we don't need. We're still not done, but it's getting there.

It's no wonder I haven't had time to blog about colon cleansing or anything else!

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  1. The week has gone by so fast before you know it it will be time to take the kids out trick or treating. Not that I would steal their candy while they are sleeping. hehe


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