Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is NOT the Way to Clean Out Your Closet

OK, our closet is pretty full, and it's a good idea to clean things out once in a while. The 'experts' say you should get rid of anything you haven't worn in 6 months or a year, but I have a hard time with that. Why? Because all my clothes still fit, and because every time I get rid of something I suddenly need it. Well, not every time, but it's happened at least a time or two. Also 6 months is not a good time limit because that would mean getting rid of the summer clothes right before summer and getting rid of the winter clothes right before winter. Maybe that's what the stores want, and the 'experts' are working for them? Still, I probably ought to get rid of some of the dresses I've had since the kids were little and some of the sweaters I don't really wear anymore, and definitely the high wasted, straight-legged 'mom' jeans. Those probably won't come back into style, right?

Jeffrey cleaned his side of the closet out a little on Monday, but not in a way I would recommend. You're supposed to get rid of things you don't like or don't wear anymore, like those old breeches or the sweatshirts you've had since college, NOT the shirts you actually wear all the time.

Shortly after we left the resort where we were staying, I noticed someone behind us flashing their lights, so we pulled over. They told us that the top was open and something fell out. Oops! Jeffrey forgot to latch and lock the cartop carrier, and it had come open. His garment bag, with all of his shirts in it, was missing. So he latched the top and drove back the way we had come to pick up the garment bag. The only problem is that it was nowhere to be found. We hadn't gone far (maybe a mile?) so it couldn't have been long before we turned around and went back. We drove slowly back and forth, and then Jeffrey got out and walked both sides of the road - no garment bag. Cory ran into the resort and asked at the front desk to see if anyone had found it and turned it in and left Jeffrey's name and number just in case someone turned it in later. Jeffrey also left a note at the police station in town and called the nearby Starved Rock Lodge. Nothing.

The thing couldn't have gone far on its own, so the only thing we can guess is that, in the short time before we got back, someone stopped and grabbed it. Maybe they needed some new shirts?

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  1. Ohh how annoying that was and how desperate someone must have been to grab hold of and keep the shirts as fast as that!


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