Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess Who Spent the Night?


Sunday was Beth’s 21st birthday, so she and Tim wanted to go out Saturday night and didn’t want to worry about what time they might get home – something about staying out until the bars closed so she could legally drink – so Jason got to spend the night at our house.  He’s just a little guy so he goes to bed early – about 7:30 – so his parents put him to bed before they left.  He had a bottle, and then his mommy read him (and his daddy) a book.

and then they tucked him into his Pack ‘n Play in his mommy’s old room.  We still have the Pack ‘n Play from when Jason’s mommy was a baby, but they brought the super fancy new one they have.  HIs mommy thought he would sleep better in it because he’s familiar with it.  She must have been right, because she said he usually wakes up around 2am for a bottle and a change – so we were expecting that – but we didn’t hear anything out of the little guy until about 4:40.  And then he was starving.  After a bottle and a diaper change, he went right back to sleep for another few hours and then he got to come to bed and snuggle with us for a while.

Once we finally got up Jason had a bottle and some pears and cereal for breakfast.  Yes, he eats baby food now – he’s a big boy!  When he’s hungry, though, he wants nothing to do with that food until after he’s had his bottle.  His parents came over a bit later.  I think they missed him just a bit!  But then they left him again to go shopping – for winter clothes.  Jason has tons of clothes, most of them from the little boy Beth babysits, but that little boy was born at a different time of year, and they’re just realizing that they have no fall and winter clothes that are going to fit.  So, Penney’s had some outfits on sale, and they both signed up to get JC Penney deals sent to their phones and  each got a $10 coupon off a $30 purchase.

Jason was sleeping when they left, and he slept for quite a while.  Then he wanted to eat again, and we played and snuggled and just hung out.

Yep, it was tough, but someone had to do it!

His parents found him some cute outfits, and they stopped at Goodwill, too and found a high chair to leave at our house, a nice hamper for Jason’s dirty clothes, and this adorable little costume.

Oh, the things we do to these little people!  But isn’t he cute?

It was fun having Jason spend the night and most of the day.  I’m sure he’ll be doing it again!


  1. He's so cute! I can't believe he's so big already!

    Getting me excited for December now when my first grandchild arrives :)

  2. OH MY GOSH what adorable photos!!!! He looks a lot like Beth, I think.


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