Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy for only $4.38

Amazon has the Kindle version of The Hunger Games Trilogy for $4.38 right now.

Cory and I really enjoyed these books, and I'm really thinking about actually buying them - as opposed to all those free Kindle books I've been collecting.  It's a really good deal for all three books and a great time to grab them if you haven't read them yet.  Or just a good way to get them and re-read them if you already love them.  Cory has the last book Mockingjay in hard cover, but we don't own the first two yet.

I'm not sure how long this price is going to last, so I guess I better make up my mind quick.  How about you?  Have you read The Hunger Games Trilogy?  Can you resist this deal?

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  1. Never mind. I didn't decide soon enough, and now it's gone up to $17.85. Still a good deal, but not quite as good. I guess I'll put it on my wishlist and hope the cost goes down again.

  2. It is still available for the Nook at that price. If you're like me and read on a tablet, you can grab that one.


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