Thursday, September 08, 2011

Is It Too Soon?

On the news the other day they mentioned that Christmas trees had shown up in at least one of the stores at one of the local malls.  They were asking, "Is it too soon?" and had a poll going on their website.  I didn't go vote, but I definitely think it's too soon.  We haven't even made it to fall yet, and Christmas is in winter, right? Winter.

Maybe it's because I don't 'do' Christmas, but I don't understand why it seems to last so long - longer and longer every year - when it's just one day on the calendar.  One day.  Pretty soon I can see the stores just leaving those Christmas decoration up all year long, because why bother to take them down just to put them up again in about a month?  Maybe there are people who do Christmas who would love to see that happen?  I wonder how that poll turned out?

I can't find the results, but the story seems to say that most people think it really is too early, but there must be some people who are already thinking about shopping for Christmas, or the store wouldn't be putting the trees out.  I guess that makes sense - the whole Christmas thing sounds like so much work, so why not spread it out and try to make it easier?  I guess the same could go for all the holidays - let people shop for Easter baskets for kids in November and Halloween costumes in May.  While I don't want to see all that holiday mess, why not just make it all available all the time, so people can get whatever they need whenever the whim hits them?

Wait, that wouldn't work - then there wouldn't be all the great after-holiday clearance.  Never mind.

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  1. I was in Hobby Lobby a few days ago, and I saw very little Autumn stuff, but TONS of Christmas stuff. Now, I think if it were up to crafters doing the voting, perhaps they'd like having holiday decorations and knick-knacks up year 'round....but store windows and department stores with Christmas? No way. At least wait 'til the 1st of November.


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