Monday, September 05, 2011

No More Excuses

When Cory gets home from work tonight we'll load all the rest of his stuff - mainly food/snacks and stuff he forgot on Friday - and head over to campus.  And drop him off, after helping him carry all that stuff up 4 flights of stairs, of course, and seeing how he and Ryan have the room set up.  And then, we come home without him because classes start tomorrow.

I'm going to miss him, but I'm also thinking I can actually get to some cleaning that I've been putting off.  I need to seriously clean this house - get rid of clutter that's piled up over the summer, dust, vacuum, clean the hall bathroom, etc.  One job I've really been putting off is cleaning the living room carpet, so hopefully I can get to that soon.  If you live in Austin, you might want to check out to see what kind of a deal you can get for your own cleaning needs, but I'll just do it myself.  It's just that I have to move everything out of the room, vacuum really well, and have time to get everything cleaned and enough time for it to dry before someone needs to walk through - and that's why I keep putting it off.  With Cory not getting up 'til late most days and then leaving for work with just a few hours before Jeffrey would be coming home, it just didn't work.  Or at least I didn't think it would work, so I didn't try.

But with Cory back to college, I'll have the whole day available from the time Jeffrey goes to work - so I really have no excuse.  Same goes for all the rest of those things I want to get done, huh?

If only I could turn my little orange cat into a Carpet Cleaning Garfield and put him to work.  Can you just picture that?  Oh, I'm sure he'll 'help' in his own way - by getting in my way, but he definitely won't be doing it himself.  That'll be me.  Trying not to trip over him.