Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday - Looky there, it's Tuesday.  Yeah, just ignore me...

My toes are cold.  I'm wondering if I should go find some socks - or close the window.  We had some warm weather this weekend, but it has really cooled down, and they're even saying we could have a touch of frost tomorrow night.  Frost?  I'm not ready!  I guess that means I'm picking most of the tomatoes and peppers from the garden tomorrow, and then I'm going to have to figure out what I'm supposed to do with all those hot peppers.  Somebody remind me to take some pictures of the cute little Tabasco peppers on their plants before I pick them.  They are adorable - and hot.

We went for a motorcycle ride Sunday.  We didn't really go far - first to Walgreens where we bought toothpaste and tissues and collected a couple Register Rewards, which I still do not really like.  I liked the rebates better, but the lady at Walgreens said that people used to rip them off all the time by buying stuff, getting their rebates, then returning all the stuff.  That is just plain rude and wrong, and I'm pretty sure those people knew that.  If they'd just change the Register Rewards to load onto a Walgreens card - like I used to get for my rebates - instead of being coupons that expire in two weeks, I think I'd be happier with the program.   But enough of that - if you take the motorcycle to go shopping, you can only buy what you can fit in the saddlebags.

After Walgreens we went to Beth & Tim's where we got to hang out with them and Jason.  Can you believe that little guy is 4 months old now?  Tim grilled burgers and chicken and fixed hot chicken legs (like hot wings, only legs)  Speaking of hot - they stopped at our house while we were at Walgreens and picked some tomatoes and hot peppers - and Tim ate one of those cute little innocent looking Tabasco peppers.  Oh yeah - definitely hot.  I ate one a couple weeks ago, so I know.  One little pepper smaller than your pinky, and it required 3 glasses of milk and a slice of bread, and... 
Dinner was nice.  Beth put together a nice salad to go with the burgers, and Tim's dad, step-mom, brother and brother's girlfriend were there too.  So it was just really nice.

Cory was sort of home this weekend.  He had me pick him up Friday evening and had dinner with us and spent some time with us Friday night.  Then Saturday he ran off and spent the day with some friends.  When he finally came home that evening, he wanted somebody to take him back to campus because he had stuff he needed to get done on Sunday and then rehearsal for the play he's understudy for.  He's got 3 parts to learn for that one.  So, we saw him a bit, which is good because it doesn't sound like he'll be coming home on the weekend for a while.  He's got rehearsals every Sunday, and then last night he had auditions for two other plays.  He's hoping to be cast in one of those, and then they'll probably start rehearsals for that one too.  Which means he's going to have to learn the lines for 4 parts all at the same time, which sounds totally impossible to me, but it's definitely something Cory can do - and he'll enjoy doing it.

I finally updated Firefox to Firefox 6.  For some reason my Google Toolbar isn't compatible, which is why I kept putting it off, skipping right through Firefox 5.  I miss my Google Toolbar.  Also, I'm still trying to get used to the new Blogger interface.  I don't like the way Zemanta hugs itself up against the side of the browser so that I can't scroll through the images or related articles anymore.  Has anybody else noticed that?  That's part of the reason I finally updated Firefox, thinking maybe that would help, but it didn't.

OK, tune in next week - same day of the week, whenever I sit my butt down and get to it.
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