Friday, September 30, 2011

They Grow So Fast

Beth posted a video on facebook yesterday. Jason figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy. It took him a bit to do it, but he did. Then today she posted another video. This time Jason rolled over right away, so she rolled him back onto his back and he promptly rolled back to his tummy. He's got this one figured out!

How in the world did he get so big so fast? Who told him he could grow up? Yeah, I said that with my kids too.  I told them to stay little, and look what happened with them - they didn't listen! And they grew up.  Though I suppose if Beth hadn't grown up, we wouldn't have Jason...

It really is amazing how fast these little people grow and how much they learn and change in a few short months.  Jason has grown out of so many clothes.  Thankfully he had a lot of clothes in practically all sizes, but it's always sad to have to put away a particularly cute outfit because it's too small.  Sometimes it seems like they only get to wear an outfit once or twice, and then they're out of it.  I guess that means most baby clothes and children's clothes don't get worn out, they just get passed on to the next baby. 

And that's how Jason got all his cute little clothes - the little boy Beth watches wore them first.  They've just had to buy him some Fall/Winter clothes because most of the clothes they were given in the size he's going to need are summer clothes - so they needed some outfits with long sleeves and long pants.  We gotta keep the little guy warm!  Plus, every little guy deserves some new clothes, and there's always that particularly cute outfit that he just has to have.  There are so many cute little baby clothes.  I find myself looking online and whenever I'm in a store just because.  The little man may not really need any clothes, and he may grow out of them way too fast, but I may just find that outfit I can't resist.  It certainly doesn't hurt to look...

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  1. I told my kids they couldn't grow up either....nope...doesn't work.

    But I agree, if they didn't grow up we wouldn't have these new precious bundles in our life...priceless.


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