Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Food Served Here

It's not officially part of the Jack Daniel's tour, but I think most people drive the two blocks to the Lynchburg Town Square and visit the shops after a tour.  There's a coupon on the back of the tour tickets for a free shot glass (with a $10 purchase) at several of the shops in town.  If you want anything Jack Daniel's, that's the place to find it.  So, of course Jeffrey had to find something to buy.  This time he ended up with some playing cards and a coffee mug.  Last time he got a stave from one of the used barrels.  They make some really cool stuff with those barrels - if only they weren't so expensive.  One stave was enough.  He's got it hanging on the wall behind his bar in the basement.

With all the driving and touring and shopping, we were all getting a bit hungry.  So, when we saw a sign out front of a restaurant advertising, "Good Food" we went inside.  We didn't need any commercials blasting through  5.1 speakers to convince us.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that the menu prices were reasonable, and the food sounded quite tasty.  The only problem - she was out of quite a few things, onion rings for one - due to the holidays, business had been good, I guess, and deliveries messed up.  Dad and Jeffrey ordered some burgers which turned out to be huge, mom ordered a Philly Steak sandwich - out of chips so she got fries, and I ordered a Corned Beef on Rye except on Texas toast.  But, she was out of corned beef - insert sad face here - so I ordered the Philly Steak, too.

The food was really good!  Like I said, the burgers were huge - 2 huge patties on each - and the Philly steak was just right.  The sign was right - so if you're ever in Lynchburg and see a sign advertising good food, stop in and get a bite to eat.

Of course, now I'm hungry for corned beef, so I'm going to have to find someplace else to get that.
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