Thursday, December 29, 2011

Name the New Cat

While we were gone, Beth called and said she'd had to take her cat Teddy to the vet because he was having trouble breathing.  The vet put him on the exam table, checked him over and gave him an x-ray.  He had some kind of heart problem which would have cost quite a bit to 'fix' - and then he only would have probably lived a year or year and a half.  So, they had to have him put down and buried him the next day.

She was sad because she loved that cat, and apparently her other cat Turbo was sad, too - because she decided to get a new cat to keep him company.  Already.  I'm not sure I would have been wanting another cat already, but I'm not Beth, I guess.

She's looking for a name for the new cat.  The cat they have is named Turbo, so they're thinking about Rambo, Nitro or Piston.  I liked the suggestion one of our friends made, though. She said to name him Charged - so their house would be Turbo Charged!

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  1. How about Boost. Then they could have Turbo Boost. Besides, it's a better name than Charged.


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