Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I missed last Tuesday.  Who noticed?  Anybody?  It's my own fault because I just didn't get around to posting until late - as my habit seems to be, and we had a play to attend last Tuesday evening.  We loved it, just in case you were wondering.   We went back and saw it again on closing night and enjoyed it even more.  We picked up on things the second time that we'd missed the first time. 

I'm hating all these political commercials.  Usually we only have to put up with them around election time, which is bad enough, but there's this whole recall effort thing going on.  I wonder how many people would be calling for a recall and signing petitions if they were the ones who had to pay the costs - because, seriously, why should the rest of us have to pay for their nonsense?  And then there's the teacher who voices her opinion that it just all sounds like sour grapes, people who didn't get their way - which is exactly what it sounds like to me too - and everyone is making her life miserable for speaking out.  I guess you're only allowed to speak out if you're on the side of the complainers?  Speaking of the complainers - there's this one commercial where the dad complains there aren't enough chairs in his daughter's classroom for all the kids - and he blames it on the governor.  What - did I miss where the governor went into the schools and made them get rid of chairs?  How is this his fault?  If there really aren't enough chairs, then there probably weren't enough chairs before Scott Walker took office.  Were they blaming the last governor?  Really, I hate politics because it all just seems so childish.

I finally got a smart phone.  It was just last year about this time that I upgraded my phone because we put texting on our plan.  I didn't really understand what the point of texting was and why people do it so much - but then I figured out I could tweet and post to facebook from my phone, and I was hooked!  OK, not completely hooked because it's really easier to just do all that stuff from my computer, but it is handy when I'm away from home.  But, the 'boys' got new phones this summer, and we upgraded our plan to include data, but my phone only had limited access.  So, this past week, Beth got a new phone, and she gave me her old one - which is only a few months old because she had problems with her phone, and they sent her a brand-new one.  So why did she need a new one?  Well, she didn't really, but she got a good deal, and she wanted one.  She wasn't really impressed with this phone she gave me, but it lets me use our data plan and play with a smart phone so I'll have a better idea what I want when I decide to upgrade.  While we were at it, we moved our home phone number to our cell phone plan, so that's my new number.  Nobody really knew my cell phone number anyway, and we've had the home number for years.  I just have to get used to having my cell phone with me all the time - like everybody else and their phones.  On the plus side - it's so much easier to play Words  with Friends on the phone than it ever was on my computer!

It's getting cold.  Morning temperatures are expected to be in the teens the next few days.  Yes, I know winter is pretty much here, but it takes a bit to get used to it.  Cold weather means we have to stop pretending winter isn't coming and make sure we're ready.  I think all the neighbors have taken in the patio furniture and put the pool covers on, but if not, now's the time.  We've got all the deck furniture put away, and we finally brought the wind chimes and hanging decorations in.  We hung them downstairs in the basement where they'll be safe from the winds of winter.

Beth found out this morning that the family she works for won't be needing her any more after this week is over.  It is what's best for the family, but now Beth has to figure out to do next.  If anyone in this area needs a wonderful nanny, I can hook you up!

And that's about all I can think of right now.  I know there were things floating around in my head - until I sat down...  Tune in next Tuesday.

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  1. I got a smartphone one year ago. I LOVE IT. I don't like the cell phone carrier bills, which I think are extravagant (especially when there's Tracfone around), but it is so convenient to have Internet and email when traveling.

    My weeks and days are all messed up, too. Everything is a blur right now.


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