Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Night

It's not like we did much today - sat around and talked, ate, walked down the hill to see Darryl's house.  I rode Jessica's horse and did puzzles with Naomi.  I didn't get to play dominoes.  But it's definitely bed time.  The kids wanted to play Double Hearts, but we didn't get time for that before they had to go home to bed - and now it's about time for the rest of us.

Jeffrey and I are planning to pack up our clothes, stainless steel necklaces, toiletries, computers, and everything else, and head home tomorrow.  We'll get to spend some time with Cory over the weekend before he heads off to ACTF - so that will be nice.  It's been nice being here, but it will be nice to get home and see our boy.

I just wish home wasn't so far away and we didn't have to go so long between visits.  Somebody figure out how to get that Google Earth thing to work in real life.  I know a whole bunch of us who would get together a whole lot more often!