Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Visit with Jack

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Since we're so close - about 3 hours - Jeffrey just had to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  He talked about it last year but decided it was more important to stay and spend time with family.  This year he just couldn't pass it up again.  We took Mom & Dad with us so we got to spend time with them on the car ride there and back - and during the tour.

We'd been there one other time, but not since Jeffrey became a Tennessee Squire, and mom & dad hadn't been before.  It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny enough for Native Sunglasses, and the tour is really interesting.  If you have a chance to go - do it!  It's free, takes about an hour, and you get to enjoy some great smells.  You can't actually have any whiskey because the Distillery sits in a dry county - but the smells are great, and it's fun to see how this little place puts out all the Jack Daniel's whiskey produced in the whole world.  Everything involved in the process of creating this Tennessee sipping whiskey is done right there in the Hollow - building the barrels, making the charcoal, making the sour mash, mellowing the whiskey through 10 feet of charcoal drip by drip, aging the whiskey in the barrels until the taster says it's ready...

We also got to see the World's Largest Bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey, and we got to go into the Squire's room where Jeffrey got a gift for visiting and we got to see some more Jack memorabilia, most of it donated by other squires - a room we hadn't been able to visit last time. I have a feeling Jeffrey will want to visit again one of these days.  He says he's going to buy one of those barrels (Single Barrel) one of these days.  He'll have to go then to choose his barrel.  I guess we'll see.

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