Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Left $3 on the Table

I went grocery shopping today, but first I went and got the oil changed on the van.  There's usually a coupon for the oil change, and I had one - $5 off.  Plus they gave me a coupon for a free car wash and $10 off my next oil change.  Not a bad deal.

That is, until I went on to Walmart and opened this coupon app I have on my new smart phone.  If I'd thought to check the app when I was getting the oil changed, I could have saved another $3!  I hate not saving all the money I could have.  Free money there for the taking, and I left it on the table!  I probably should have driven back to the oil change place and checked to see if they could give me an adjustment, but I didn't...

I am definitely going to have to get used to having this phone and all the extra options it has.  Of course, I've already found out why Beth didn't like this phone - not enough internal storage.  I've added this coupon app and a couple games, and the phone is already yelling at me that it's low on storage space.  Really?  Which means when I upgrade my phone, I'm definitely looking for one with plenty of internal storage so I can add the apps I want without worrying about running out of space.  In the meantime, I need to be choosy about the apps I install and only keep the ones I'm really going to use.  So far that's Words with Friends. *grin*

So, here's where you can help.  What coupon apps do you use?  Which is the best, and how do I remember to use it?  Let me know - because you know I'm all about saving the money!

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  1. I don't know about apps, but i do know about storage. I have a 8gb microsd card that came from Don's phone. I was going to use it in my MP3 player, but it just won't work. I thought you might be able to use it in your phone. It may be formated for phone use or something. Its yours if you can make it work.


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