Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Just Don't Have the Vision

There are several shows we like to watch on the weekends.  In one of the shows, someone is looking for a new house.  First they're shown a house with everything they want, a house they fall in love with.  Then they find out that getting everything they want is going to cost them way more than they have budgeted.

That's when they start looking at houses that fit into their budget, except that those houses need a lot of work to become the dream house they are looking for.  One of the guys on the show comes with a great design for a couple houses they look at, the buyers choose one, and they proceed to renovate the whole thing and make it look beautiful - all within the original budget.  (Never mind that the budget is usually ridiculous, and the cost of these houses that need so much work is just outrageous.  Yes, I know - location, location, location.)

It really amazes me what can be done when you have someone who knows what they are doing, like the guys on the show or the guys who specialize in renovation Hamilton. They can take a place that looks absolutely unlivable and make it beautiful.  In the end the buyers get their dream house, and they get to stay within their budget, but in the beginning they're usually like me - they just can't see the possibility in an old run-down house.  The show has me convinced that buying a house that needs a little work is a good way to get what you want for a price that you can afford, but I just don't have the vision to see it.  I would definitely need some help from the experts.  And a lot of faith.