Monday, March 25, 2013

Used Car Shopping

When shopping for a new (to you) car, what is the most important thing you look for?  Is it price?  Getting the latest model and the color you want?  Gas mileage?  Available financing and a low interest rate?

We've usually bought used cars because we could get what we were looking for at a price we could afford. It's a good thing color wasn't the most important thing because at least twice we ended up with a vehicle that was the exact color I didn't want.  Once it was a white station wagon, and another time it was a silver van.  Of course the silver van has grown on me...  I still wouldn't go out and choose a silver vehicle, but it had everything else we were looking for.

I think that looking at used trucks for sale winnipeg or used minivans if you need a minivan for your family is a good first step.  You may not find exactly what you think you want, but there are a lot of pre-owned vehicles available at more affordable prices than the brand-new ones.  There are also dealers who will look for and find something for you, if you can wait and don't need it right away.  Of course, that's how I got a silver van - like I said, it had everything else we were looking for.

For the best shopping experience, find a dealer with a good reputation in customer service, like this one that has used cars for sale in winnipeg. They have everyday low no-haggle pricing for everyone as well as no gimmicks, games, deceit or misleading "fine-print'.  Because really - why should making such a major purchase be full of games, deceit, or pressure?  Don't you hate car salesmen that want to pressure you into buying a car right now, today, they can only offer you this super great deal now, and if you wait it will be gone?  You know what I mean.  Yeah, I hate that.  Find someone like this, who will help you find the right vehicle for you.

I know they're in it for the money and the commission, but good customer service means repeat customers and more money in the long run.  If only all car salesmen understood that.