Friday, March 15, 2013

Shop Your Way Rewards at Sears

If you're a Shop Your Way Rewards member at Sears, be sure to check your inbox.  You might have some extra money to spend this weekend. 

Jeffrey and I just happened to walk into Sears yesterday, and I found a blouse I liked on the clearance rack.  I'm really trying to get rid of stuff (and not spend money), so I wasn't really planning to buy it - but I really liked it.  So I figured I better grab it now while I'm in the store, because I really don't get there very often.  I could always return it later...

Then, as we were walking to the cash register, I noticed some signs for the Shop Your Way Rewards program.  Oh yeah - we're at Sears!  So, when we checked out I had the cashier check my account to see how many points I had.  Turns out I had $7.99 in points - which is exactly the cost of my blouse ($7.99 marked down from $80 - who spends $80 on a blouse?)

So, I used those points to buy the blouse, and it cost me exactly $0.  That's my kind of deal!

It wasn't until I searched my email later that night that I found this:

So that's why I got a free blouse!  I just happened to be in Sears, happened to find a blouse I really liked on the clearance rack, and happened to remember to check my Shop Your Way Rewards account - on a day when these points were valid.

Normally I like to plan my shopping a bit better, but a free blouse is a free blouse!