Friday, March 22, 2013

But They're My Kitties

I think my cats have deserted me.  They've decided they like this guy better.

OK, maybe that's not exactly true.  But now they're both just as likely to want to sit on his lap as they are to sit on mine or to snuggle up next to me.  Once in a while he even has both of them at once - and since Tillie wants nothing to do with Weasley, that's really saying something.  The first time they did this, I grabbed my camera to get a picture.  As soon as Weasley saw the camera, he left.  I guess he thinks I'm the paparazzi.  This time I just used my phone, and he didn't seem to mind.

Last night Weasley even expected Jeffrey to take him to bed.  That's supposed to be my job!  Every night when it's time for bed and I start moving that way, Weasley will run out into the middle of the living room floor and stretch out, expecting to be picked up and carried to bed.  Lazy little munchkin can't walk!  If I ignore him, he'll grab at my legs or run quickly to get in front of me and lay down right in my path.  So, yes, I pick him up and throw him over my shoulder and carry him to bed.  He's just a bit spoiled.

Well, last night Jeffrey was headed to bed before me, and Weasley ran out into the middle of the room and stretched out waiting to be carried to bed.  So Jeffrey picked him up, but he didn't throw him over his shoulder - so Weasley started complaining and wanting down.  Jeffrey put him down, figuring that he didn't really want to be carried to bed, but Weasley wouldn't let him go anywhere.  He kept after his legs complaining all the while.  So Jeffrey picked him up again and tossed him over his shoulder - and Weasley stopped complaining.  And let Jeffrey carry him to bed where he was waiting for me when I got there.  I guess I've been replaced - but at least he expects to be carried to bed the right way, regardless of who carries him.  I really wish I'd gotten the whole thing on video because it was hilarious, but I didn't think of it until later.  I was too busy laughing.

Oh, and Tillie?  She sleeps on the bed with us now, at least for part of the night.  She's usually on the bed when Jeffrey gets there, and she is not going to go anywhere.  She's just a bit stubborn.  And no matter how much Jeffrey might complain about having no room on the bed because of the cats, he manages to get into the bed without disturbing her too much.  I bet he climbs in on my side just so he won't disturb her.  But I haven't asked him.

Looks like they're Jeffrey's kitties now - or he's theirs.