Thursday, March 28, 2013

Truth of Advertising

I don't know about you, but I rarely pay attention to television commercials.  Except during the Super Bowl, and even then it's iffy.

You know how it is with commercials - that's the time to leave the room, whether you're going to the kitchen for a snack or running to the bathroom.  Nowadays many people don't even watch shows live, instead choosing to record them to the DVR and watch later. Then, of course, the commercials can be fast-forwarded through and skipped altogether - though that does make it hard to get anything else done while watching a show.  Or maybe that's just me.

I think people are more likely to listen to and pay attention to sirius radio advertising than to television commercials.  I mean, it's not like they can get up and leave the room if they're listening while driving down the road!  I suppose they could change stations, but I'm imagining that it's just easier to stay on the station they're listening to - especially if they're listening to something they really like.  Again, maybe that's just me.  I like to find a station I like, and I like to keep it there.  Bouncing around all over the dial makes me crazy.  So yeah, I'd be a lot more likely to listen to radio advertising than I am to pay attention to television commercials.

What about you?  Do you listen to radio advertising?  Watch television commercials?  Is there anything that you've bought because you saw or heard an ad?  Are there ads you've heard that are really clever, and you remember the ad but can't remember what they were selling?  That's me- occasionally I actually do sit down and see a commercial, and sometimes they're laugh out loud funny or really clever, but I probably couldn't tell you what they were selling to save my life. I'm sure the advertising executives are hoping that IS just me.