Monday, March 04, 2013

Request From a Spammer - DENIED

I got this spam comment today:
When I initіally commented I appeаr to have clіcked on the -Νοtify me when new comments are adԁеd- checkboх and from now on eаch time a comment is aԁdеd I reсіeѵe 4 emaіls with
the exact same cοmment. There has to be a mеаns you can гemovе me from that sеrvice?
My website:
Not that I believe for a second that anything the spammers say is true, but I'd love to believe at least one of them gets bombarded with multiple unwanted emails, and there's absolutely no way I'd do anything to remove him or her from said service. 

Unfortunately all comments on that particular post are screened and spammed, so there are no actual comments or emails going out.  Bummer.