Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Cory got a new kitty. He's been begging for one for ages, and I finally broke down and said yes. So now we have this little orange guy named Weasley.

Our friends Don & Peggy (of audiorescuers fame) picked him up at his old house and brought him here yesterday. Weasley was not a happy guy. First he was put in a cage and then stuffed into a pillow case - with some squirming, scratching, and escaping thrown in for good measure. By the time he got here, he was thoroughly traumatized. So we gave him a place to sleep, a litter box, some food and water, some cattle supplies. OK, you got me, no cattle supplies, but all the rest, and then we shut him in a mostly dark bathroom - and just left him alone for a while.

Since then we've been letting him out to explore and adjust to his new surroundings. He's a curious little guy who loves to explore and play. He would like to be friends with Tillie, but she's having none of that. She just watches his every move and growls. Hopefully she'll decide he's not too bad before too long - once she figures out that he's not going anywhere.


  1. Doesn't sound like Tillie is hiding like she did when THAT dog invaded her house. Even if she never plays with him, they'll learn to co-exist. We've had Precious 5 years and Snickers still growls or hisses at her. Animals are funny...like some people I know. :)) I still feel sorry for that poor little Weasley being stuffed into a pillow case.

  2. Tillie is still growling and hissing today, but she's also following him around instead of just staying away. She's very interested in him. He's just interested in everything. Now he's checking out all the plants. Luckily he's still a little skittish, so he leaves them alone when I clap and tell him No.

    Peggy said she talked to someone who said he'd be more comfortable in the pillow case than just in the box, so that's what they did. I guess Weasley scratched Mrs. Roth good when they tried to stuff him in there.

  3. Aww he looks soo cute!

    I'm sure Tillie will come round eventually as they are together everyday.

    Mabel and next doors cat still have differences to settle, the hissing and growling have been going on for some time now!


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