Sunday, February 06, 2011

How do You Pronounce these Wisconsin City Names?

We've only lived in Wisconsin for 13 years or so, so I remember first seeing some of these Wisconsin city names.     They're not as easy to figure out as some Wisconsinites would have you believe.  Living just down the road from Oconomowoc and Mukwonago, I've had to learn.  And now I can laugh when these Texans try pronouncing some Wisconsin City names:

A typical bubbler found at Humboldt Park in Mi...Image via Wikipedia
When in doubt, I say visit, an entire site for learning to pronounce all things Wisconsin.  Here's one you'd never get:  Did you know that in Wisconsin drinking fountain is pronounced 'Bubbler'?  Crazy, huh?
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  1. Bubbler makes sense. In KY, shopping cart is pronounced 'buggy'. :-)

  2. What else would you call it??!?!?!, It's a bubbler!!!!!

  3. I didn't know you live in Wisconsin! I do too :)


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