Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to Get New Glasses (and Maybe Contacts)

Cory sent me a facebook message a few weeks ago letting me know he's going to run out of contacts soon and wondering if we just need to order some more or what.  Well, actually, those contacts lasted him about 2 years, and before he gets new ones, we're going to have to take him and get a new eye exam.  And then we can order him some more.

We had vision insurance, for the first time ever, a couple years ago - when we last got eye exams.  Cory got his exam and contacts paid for with the insurance, and we had to pay for a pair of prescription glasses.  My eye exam and part of the cost of my glasses was covered by the insurance, and Jeffrey's exam and glasses were covered, too.  My glasses just cost too much at a regular eye doctor/glasses place.  I even got my glasses at Sam's Club, and they cost too much.  But I've gotta have 'em.

We didn't get the vision insurance last year, figuring we don't need to get eye exams and new glasses every year, so we'll just get it every other year.  That means this year, just in time for Cory's new contacts, we have vision insurance and get to start the process all over again.  Considering they pay more for contacts, and that we can get really cheap glasses online, glasses that are as good as any we can find locally but so much cheaper, I'm thinking about getting some contacts too.  I'll let the insurance pay for the contacts and just order some glasses online.

I haven't worn contacts since Beth was a baby, but I'm thinking it might be time to try them again.  The only problem is that, with my prescription, I probably won't get two years' worth of contacts paid for by the insurance.

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  1. Feeling ya on this one! My husband just got new contacts - with insurance - $190 for six months. He has really bad eyes.


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