Friday, February 11, 2011

I Need to Clean the Carpet

Since all the work is finished on the house, I really, really need to clean the carpet.  We do not wear shoes in the house, but there was no way I could require the guys who were working on the house to take their shoes off at the door.  So, they came in and out, walked on my carpet, and I just had to tell myself it was OK, I'd clean the carpet when they were done.  But so far, I haven't done it.   I haven't called commercial rug cleaning austin, and I haven't hauled my handy carpet cleaner out of the closet and done it myself.  I know it needs done, it's just that I have to move everything I can move, vacuum the floor really well, clean the carpet, let it dry, and then move everything back - so it's a big job.  It might actually be easier to to get a commercial carpet cleaning service austin - not cheaper, but maybe easier - than to do it myself. 

Easiest is just to keep the shoes out of the house, but like I said, that's not always an option.  When we were out of town and renting a villa last fall, we did like we always do and took our shoes off at the door.  Several days into our stay, we noticed how dirty our feet were getting.  They were positively black!  Because other people don't have the same ideas about wearing shoes in the house, and obviously the cleaning people don't deep clean the floors in between guests.  So, we had to start wearing our shoes in the villa, because we really had no other choice.  Once people start wearing shoes in the house and tracking all the outside dirt in, they pretty much have to keep wearing the shoes, at least until they clean the floors really well.

I almost feel the same way here now - not necessarily the carpet, because it, thankfully, didn't get too bad, but with the tile.  Since we had the tile put in the kitchen and dining room, Jeffrey likes to take his shoes into the dining room and use a chair to put them on in the mornings, and then he walks to the back door, with his shoes on.  The problem is that I walk in the exact same places all day long, into and out of the kitchen, and I've noticed that my socks get a lot dirtier than they used to, because I'm picking up the dirt off his shoes.  I don't want to start wearing shoes in the house, so I'm going to need to come up with some ceramic tile cleaning solutions austin that I can use on a regular basis.  For now I try to sweep the floor fairly often. though I don't do it every day.  I do need to mop more often, and set aside some time one day soon to clean the carpet.