Friday, February 25, 2011

Not a Week for Walking

This has not been a good week for walking.  First we had sleet and freezing rain on Sunday, and then we got snow on top of that.  So we shoveled the driveway instead of walking the first two days of the week.  There was still a layer of ice on the driveway and streets after that, so we didn't even try on Wednesday.  Yesterday I decided I just had to try, so I went out for my walk after Jeffrey left for work.  It was just slippery enough that walking was no fun, and I had to walk very carefully and pay attention at all times - or I would have been on my butt!  So I just walked around the block and came back early.

Today was much better.  It got warm enough yesterday that the stubborn layer of ice finally melted away, so I actually got my walk in.  It was nice just to get outside and get moving!  Too many more weeks like this, and I'm going to be researching safe diet pills that work! Or I might have to actually figure out that dance video I gave up on earlier this week.
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