Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our First Hockey Game

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 We attended our first hockey game this weekend.  The Milwaukee Admirals played the IceHogs from Rockford, and Jeffrey got free tickets from work.  I don't think we'll make a habit of it, but we had a good time.  We didn't really understand the rules, but it was still fun to watch - and 'our' team scored 5 goals in the first period and went on to win the game, so that was good.

Cory and I took pictures and updated facebook from our phones while we watched, and we had several questions.  First I asked if anyone knew where the IceHogs were from, because I'd never heard of them.  Of course, I had facebook friends who knew the answer to that!  Maybe it was because they're from Illinois, or maybe that's just something everybody but me already knew.  Another question I had, which nobody answered, was why these Admirals fancy themselves pirates when admirals are high-ranking officers in the Navy, aren't they?  Of course, while I'm writing this, Zemanta is suggesting several different Milwaukee Admirals logos, so I'm just thinking they're suffering from some kind of identity crisis.  Currently they're using the skull with the pirate hat, and they 'sail' a pirate ship around on the ice before the game and during breaks.

Another question Cory and I had was, "What is that thing?" regarding the fuzzy orange puck-nosed creature they call Roscoe - the Admirals mascot.  There he is 'helping' out with the pie eating contest.  Does anybody know what he's supposed to be?  I should probably go look it up.  If Jeffrey hadn't left his phone at home, either in it's blackberry case or charging on the end table, we could have looked it up while we were at the game, since he's got Internet on his phone, and we don't.  You'd think they'd have a parrot for a mascot.  Don't pirates always have parrots?

Then the 3rd period started and the fights started, for no real reason that we could see except that it's expected at a hockey game?  That had Cory wondering if "third period hockey" is canadian for "fight a lot" because if so, awesome.  So, yeah, it was fun.  We might even go again sometime.
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