Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Come on In, the Water's Fine!

One of my facebook friends will be jumping into freezing water on February 11.  Of course, he does live in Missouri, so it won't be as cold as it might be here in Wisconsin - and he is doing it for a good cause.  He's raising money for Special Olympics athletes.  If you'd like to help him out by jumping in with him, I mean donating to his fundraising campaign, let me know, and I'll get you the link.  If only I lived closer, I might think about jumping in with him...

Yes, I can safely say that because I don't live close enough, but I really do like swimming in cold water.  Maybe not that cold, but colder than most people seem to like.  It all started when some of my friends made me get in the water when we went to the beach in February.  I fought it, but then I loved it - it felt so good!  Please note that this was in Southern California, so the water was cold enough to make my body tingle and eventually just feel numb, but it wasn't exactly freezing.  Like that water in Missouri in February will probably be...

People used to say the water was freezing in our apartment pool.  I don't know if the heater broke, or they were just trying to save money on power and pool chemicals, but it was pretty cold sometimes. That was when I liked it best!  People would come by and ask, "How's the water?" and I'd answer, "Fine!" or "Perfect!" - and they'd know it was too cold for their liking.  What this meant, of course, was that I had the pool to myself, because nobody else wanted to swim.  Well, there were 1 or 2 other people who enjoyed it, but everyone else pretty much stayed away.  It was so nice.  And the water was just plain invigorating.

There is, of course, only one way to get into a cold pool - jump right into the deep end!  I may not know much about pool filters, but I do know that.  Trying to ease in slowly just does not work.  I'm guessing my friend Mike will be jumping right in next month when he does his Polar Plunge - and then he'll probably jump right back out again!

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