Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Walk in the Snow

Image by bcmom via Flickr
Snow again today.  Yes, it's finally looking like winter in Wisconsin.  They said it was supposed to start with sleet or freezing drizzle early this morning and then change to snow, but it was already snowing by the time we got up this morning.

We are going to have to change our morning schedule!  Since Jeffrey stopped walking with me, I haven't been getting up until he gets up to get ready for work.  While he's getting dressed, I make his lunch, and then Weasley and I see him off, and I go for my walk after he's gone.  That works just fine - unless it snows and the driveway needs shoveled - because there's no time to get it shoveled before he leaves for work.  He did quickly clean off his side this morning while I finished up his lunch, but it just got covered again practically as soon as he cleared it off.  So I'm waiting until later, when it stops snowing, before I go out and shovel.  I don't have to go anywhere today...

I did go for my walk after Jeffrey left for work.  Two miles in the falling snow!  It was really nice.  The new snow is a lot better to walk in than the slush and slippery patches left from an old snow.  I keep thinking I should get some Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots or some kind winter walking shoes, but so far I've just made do with my regular walking shoes.  I'm not sure the mesh in the tops of my current ones is the best idea for winter, though. 

By the time I got back, I was having a hard time seeing because of all the snow on my glasses, and my hat, coat, and gloves were covered in snow - but it was all worth it.  And definitely better than sleet or freezing drizzle.  Those would have kept me inside.
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