Saturday, January 14, 2012

Save Big Money with Daily Deals

You know I love a good deal, and there are several online sites that offer very good deals.  Sure there are the regular sites where you can usually get a better deal than you'd find in your local store, but for even better savings, you need to check out the daily deal sites.  These sites have one-day-only sales at significant savings - sometimes 90 to 100% off!

The best way to take advantage of these great deals is to sign up for daily emails that will let you know what the deals are for that day.  If it's a really good deal on a hot item, you'll want to take advantage of it right away, because those items often sell out quickly, and at any rate, you only have until the end of the day to buy that item at that price.  You will also want to have an idea what things usually sell for - perhaps keep a list of the best prices you've seen on items you might be interested in - so that you'll know a good deal when you see one.  The sites will usually quote full retail on an item, and therefore the percentage off is higher, but nobody actually pays full retail for anything - or they shouldn't! - so do your homework and know what things really sell for.  When you see a deal you think is good, you can always check a price comparison site like PriceGrabber to know for sure.

I've signed up for several of these daily deal sites, and I've gotten some really good deals.  One site I just recently found out about is nomorerack, so I'm going to have to sign up for that one too.  I guess there have been some rumors going around about a nomorerack scam, but I haven't heard anything about that, have you?  I've read a few nomorerack reviews, and it looks like a pretty good site.  They have 8 deals a day, so there's plenty to choose from, and shipping is only $2 per item, which is really good.  Today I saw jewelry, watches, a magazine subscription, purses, and more.  Nothing I need today, but that's why it's important to subscribe to the emails or check back often (every day) because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

So, if you like good deals, be sure to check out nomorerack and sign up for the daily emails if it looks good to you.  Just be sure to do your homework so you know when a good deal is really a good deal - and beware that good deals can be quite addictive!  No matter how good the deals are and how much money you save on each, the costs can add up the more deals you take.  You will have a lot more stuff for the same money, though.