Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Movie Tickets in My Pocket

This does not normally happen, but I've seen three movies in the last couple days.  Three movies in the theater, that is - I'm not counting any movies we may have watched at home.

Tuesday night Cory and I attended a pre-screening of Man On a Ledge, which opens January 27.  Yay for free passes!  It's certainly a good way to fill up a theater on a weeknight.  For reference - if you get free passes to a movie like this, show up early.  The movie was at 7pm, and we got there about 5:20 and were behind about 8 people in line.  It wasn't long until that line curled all around the theater's entryway and into the lobby, and they started taking the passes, exchanging them for tickets, and directing us to the theater where they were showing the movie shortly after 6pm.  Too far back in the line could mean bad seats or no seats at all.  We got good ones!

We really enjoyed the movie.  It's about an escaped convict ex-cop who climbs out onto a hotel ledge declaring that he's prepared to die - yeah, probably not a good risk for guaranteed issue life insurance -but as the movie continues we find out he's not really planning to commit suicide, but what is he really up to?  There are enough twists, turns, and laughs to keep you entertained until the end.

The second movie we saw was The Muppets.  Cory and I went yesterday morning/afternoon, and we loved it!  We laughed out loud throughout the whole movie.  It was just so much fun.  Also, I really really need to figure out how to Travel by Map!

Then last night Jeffrey, Cory, and I went and saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - again.  We went and saw it on the Ultra Screen when it first came out and probably wouldn't have gone to see it again, but we had passes - from buying some $8 BluRays - so we had to use them....  We really enjoyed it both times!  I think it's better than the first one.  Of course, we might just have to watch that one again soon just to see...  I'm also thinking that I really need to read some Sherlock Holmes!

How many movies did you see this week?


  1. None my mommy doesn't take me to movies

  2. Well, I can't take you to a movie and watch your son at the same time... Should we have left him with his uncle?

  3. Well, if you were closer you could leave him with his great grandma. Sounds a lot more fun than a movie.


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