Friday, January 06, 2012

Excercise YouTube Style

I mentioned a while back that I've been doing the exercise programs I can get on demand with DirecTV.  I've found some really good ones.  The problem is that I can only keep them for so long before they expire and delete themselves from my DVR.  In a way that's good because it makes me try new ones, and doing different exercises every day is a good way to keep working different muscles - or work the same ones in new ways - and it's more effective.    The problem is that I am finding fewer and fewer exercise programs that are even available - so when the ones I like expire, I'm having trouble finding new ones.

I do have an exercise program for the Wii I could try.  Or, start looking on YouTube.  Did you realize there are tons of exercise videos available on YouTube?  I hadn't really looked until today, and I'm amazed at how many there are.  I'm supposed to be able to watch YouTube videos on the television now, so I'm going to have to figure that one out, because that will be easier than trying to exercise to a video on my computer.

Here's one I'm going to have to watch a time or two:

I did several of the on-demand workouts with Cindy Whitmarsh and really liked them.  I wrote down all the parts to the 'Deadly 7' she mentions at the beginning of this video so I could do them even without the program, and I've used the list several times - including this morning!  Now I'm going to have to try the 'Deadly 5' that she demonstrates here.  It's nice having a video that shows the moves - instead of a sheet of paper with them just written down and I have to try to remember what I'm supposed to do for each one.

Have you checked out the exercise videos on YouTube?  Which ones are your favorites?  (Leave links in the comments - thanks!)