Friday, January 13, 2012

From One Holiday to the Next

People were talking last week about how the candy for Valentine's Day and chocolate valentines day gifts for her are already on the shelves in the stores.  It's like they can hardly wait for one holiday to be over so they can sell stuff for the next one.  It has me wondering if none of the days in between are supposed to matter.

It is convenient if you want chocolate or candy, because all you have to do is wait until the day after the holiday - whatever holiday it might be - and everything goes on clearance, usually at least 50% off.  It's the exact same candy it was just a day or two before, but suddenly it has the wrong design on the package - and therefore it's worth less!  It really makes no sense when you think of it that way, but it's handy.  I may not care much about candy, but there are people in my house who do - and we don't care what the design on the package looks like or what the shape of the candy is.  It still tastes the same!

What about you?  Do you buy seasonal holiday candy before the actual holiday or do you wait until after so you can snag it on clearance?  I personally can't think of anything I want badly enough to pay full price when I know it will be much cheaper in just a few days.  I can wait.  Remember Tickle Me Elmo from a few years back?  What were those people thinking?