Monday, January 30, 2012

How Much is an Accident Really Worth?

I saw on the news the other day that the cruiseline that owns the cruise ship that ran aground and tipped over was offering all the passengers about $14,000 for their troubles.  Along with a complete refund, travel expenses, medical expenses, etc.  My first thought was that just doesn't seem like very much.  What do you think?

Normally I think it's a bit ridiculous how much people get or think they deserve when they're in an accident.  Thousands of dollars for a car accident - why?  Yes, I think all expenses should be covered.  Medical bills should be paid.  Car repairs should be paid.  Lost wages would need to be paid.  But do people really need to get rich because of an accident?  Maybe that's not how it actually works, but the commercials on TV certainly make it sound that way.  It makes me wonder if anybody who's actually in an accident just automatically needs a lawyer to get even the basics that should be covered.  I mean, of course somebody who's accused of a crime in Los Angeles will need a california criminal lawyer, but is it really necessary to get a lawyer to make the insurance companies do what they're supposed to do?

It's probably just a vicious cycle - insurance companies are reluctant to pay because of the lawyers who have made them pay so much in the future, so the people without lawyers have a really hard time getting what they actually deserve - something that wouldn't and shouldn't have been a big deal, if only the lawyers hadn't gotten involved in the first place. So, ridiculous as it may seem at times, there probably isn't any other choice.

I'm thinking the cruise ship passengers will be calling their own lawyers.  I don't think that $14,000 offered by the cruiseline will be enough to keep them from calling.  The captain may need a los angeles criminal defense lawyer to maybe keep him out of jail, and all the passengers will be hiring lawyers to get them some of that money car accident victims are always getting.  I think they deserve it.  A cruise ship accident like this just seems more serious and worthy of more compensation than any old car accident.

What do you think?

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  1. Most insurance companies are owned by stockholders. By law they have to do everything possible to make money for the stockholders. So, they have to do all they can to keep from paying claims. Simple economics.



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