Monday, May 11, 2009

Am I Getting Anywhere?

Between laundry, trying to clean some clothes out of my closet, cleaning up the kitchen, and putting together a treasurer's report for the Band Booster meeting this evening, I just never got a chance to sit down and post anything. I have things I want to say, about this weekend, about making frustrating phone calls, and about an exciting giveaway, and even about cleaning those clothes out of the closet, but I just haven't had a chance.

Tomorrow I have to get the minutes typed up for the Library Board meeting tomorrow night - hopefully the notes I jotted down will make sense to me, and that won't take too long. Sometimes it just gets so frustrating, that I can't get the things done that need done so that I can get to the things I want to do. I just feel like I can't make any progress, at least not in a forward direction.

For now, it's bed time.