Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Random Lunch Story

What do you mean you were expecting the winner's name and not just some random number? You know you could have just gone to the giveaway post and checked to see which comment was #3 - raise your hand if you did that. If you didn't, that's OK, because I'm going to tell you who the winner is.

But first, all this talk of school lunch boxes and school lunches reminded me of a particular school lunch. I wracked my brain, and I still can't remember any of my lunch boxes looked like. I have an idea that one of them was green or had green on it, but I don't remember anything else. What I do remember is that we took a lot of egg sandwiches to school. We had chickens. We had lots of eggs. Now, I like my egg sandwiches made with mustard, but one day my brother decided he wanted his egg sandwich made with ketchup. So, mom made him an egg sandwich with ketchup. (this was high school. why was mom still fixing our lunches?)

Anyway, fast forward to lunch time. I take out my egg sandwich, only to find out that I had Mark's sandwich, the one with the ketchup. I tried to trade his sandwich for mine, but he had already eaten mine! So I tried to eat the one with ketchup, but it was awful. I just couldn't do it.
Even then, though, I couldn't waste food, so I put the sandwich back in the lunchbox and took it home. I figured Mark could take the nasty ketchup egg sandwich for lunch the next day, but instead my mom made me eat it. The taste of ketchup and eggs together almost made me throw up. I have no idea how I gagged the thing down. To this day I can't, don't want to, won't eat ketchup on eggs. I don't even want to see ketchup on eggs - unfortunately Cory likes ketchup on his eggs, so I've got to see it sometimes, but I try not to look.

Still waiting to see who won the Pepsi Throwback Pack? It's Sassy2 from Pookie and the Boys!


  1. My husband likes plain ketchup sandwiches! How's that for Yucky? I always put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

  2. I have to have ketchup on my eggs. Sorry you had to eat that sandwich! LOL!

  3. It seems you survived. I'm sorry you had such a mean mother. I thought it was when we still lived at that first little house...where the boys slept in the room in the garage.

  4. Ketchup on eggs still makes me want to throw up. How do you stand it? :D

    I did have a mean mom, didn't I? It's a wonder I survived. You could be right, maybe it was that house so it wasn't high school. Oh well, the important thing is I had to eat that nasty sandwich!


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