Thursday, May 21, 2009

Towels, Towels, and More Towels

Yesterday while we were walking, Jeffrey and I noticed that someone was throwing away some towels. My first thought was maybe we could use some of those towels for the marching band. There are times when the band has to play in the rain, and then they really need to dry the instruments, and themselves, off. A while back we got a donation of used towels from a car wash, but most of those were in pretty poor shape - better than nothing, but most of them had holes in them, some of them pretty big holes. So, I figured these towels might be in better shape, and I hate to see things just get thrown away when they can be used.

After Jeffrey left for work and Cory for school, I took a couple of my reusable shopping bags (the ones I always forget to use when shopping) and walked back down there. I hadn't realized how many towels these people were throwing away! I think they're throwing away more towels than we own - and we've got a lot. So, I filled my bags with towels, looking especially for smaller towels like hand towels and dish towels because I think those will be most useful for the band. I got them home and looked through them and decided to go back for more. Most of these towels are in really good shape - a few stains and a couple with small holes, but definitely better than those old car wash towels. Some of these are in better shape than some of our towels. Seriously, I can't find anything wrong with them. I'm thinking I might keep them and donate my towels to the band! We've got some pretty ratty ones we've had for about 23 years.

There are still towels down there, and I'm wondering if I should just go grab them all. If the band doesn't need all of them, I could at least take them to Goodwill or something so they don't go to waste...


  1. Not letting them go to waste sounds good. People always need towels. 23 years using the same towels is a bit long...they can get pretty thin.

  2. Tom would be able to use them for rags, contractors never have enough rags.

  3. Amazing that people don't think to donate and just throw perfectly good stuff away. Good for you to go get them even though it might have taken a little bravado to pick through what some people would call garbage.

  4. Animal shelters use towels too. You may want to donate some there.

  5. I gave away some old sheets and towels to the RSPCA animal hospital some years back - better than just throwing away!


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