Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sponsored Conversations, Explained

I think this video does a good job of explaining what sponsored conversation is all about:

Bronto burgers, anyone? I mean, any questions? You can get more information about sponsored conversation on the IZEA site.

I'm a personal fan of sponsored conversations, and not just because I've been working with IZEA and writing sponsored posts for a couple years now. I like that I have found out about sites, services, and products that I wouldn't have known about otherwise, not just through the posts I've written, but through posts written by other bloggers. I tend to ignore (read: tune out) television commercials and other traditional forms of advertising, or if I do watch them, I have a hard time telling you later what the product was they were advertising. Anyone else have that problem? It's like it's all about some slick idea that is fun to watch, but at the end of it, you're left wondering what they're selling.

When bloggers write about a site or product, you get real opinions by a real people, and you're not left wondering what they were talking about. Sometimes a product is so exciting that everyone is talking about it (organic buzz). Other times, a product is great, but no one has heard about it yet, and that's where sponsored conversations come in. They get the conversation started.

This conversation has been sponsored by IZEA. (for cash!)