Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kellogg's is Taking me to the Movies

Well, not exactly, but I did get certificates for 4 movie admissions. They're running a promotion right now where you have to buy 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal, Keebler cookies, Sunshine crackers, any combination, and you get 2 free movie passes. So Cory and I went to the store twice yesterday. At the first store we got:
  • 8 boxes of cereal
  • 1 pkg Keebler cookies
  • 1 box Cheez-it crackers
On sale 4/$10, cost after coupons - $9.12 = $.91/pkg - plus the code for the 2 free movie tickets. (cashier forgot to ring one up so they gave it to me free)

I had some really great coupons I found on the Kellogg's website, plus some other coupon sites, and I printed as many as they would let me, and the store doubled 5 of them, saving me $10 right there. I didn't have coupons for the crackers or cookies, but I had a $1 coupon for each box of cereal.

At the second store we got:
  • 7 boxes of cereal
  • 2 boxes of poptarts
  • 1 pkg Keebler cookies
  • (plus an extra box of Cheez-its because Cory wanted it, but I'm not including it in this total)
Again, on sale 4/$10, cost after coupons - $12.79 = $1.28/pkg - plus the code for the 2 free movie tickets. I didn't get a free box this time, and my PopTarts coupon was $1 off of 2 instead of 1, so the cost was a little higher. avg cost per = $1.10.

I got 2 certificates for 2 free movie tickets!! Altogether, 20 boxes of cereal, crackers, Pop Tarts, and cookies and 4 free movie tickets for $21.91!

Today I entered my codes and got my eMovie Cash which can be redeemed for ONE (x4) admission ticket (up to $12.00), for any showing of any movie, at any of the participating theaters. Cory cut all the Star Trek tokens off the boxes so he can get his free Star Trek shirt, too. I think he expects me to fill out the form, though.

We won't be needing cereal any time soon, that's for sure!