Friday, February 26, 2010

As Long as He's Got Ramen

I've been thinking about sending Cory off to college next year.  We need to sign him up for housing and figure out a meal plan, and get that done.  I keep telling him he needs to get busy on this stuff, and he keeps telling me that he's so busy with school and Forensics and Spring play and....  Well, the list just doesn't end.  You know, I got straight A's in high school, but I wasn't involved in all this stuff.  It was easy to get good grades when I didn't have all these other things on my plate.

But, enough about me, this is about Cory and college.  When I was watching that video the other day about campus housing, I was excited to see that each residence has a full kitchen.  They looked really nice, too, at least the one they showed did.  How convenient is that?  I can just send the boy to college with a huge supply of ramen, his very own pan to cook it in, and a spaghetti spoon to stir.  What else can he possibly need?  Maybe a bowl to eat it from, a spoon, a fork.  We'll save so much money on food, even if the ramen isn't on sale, that he won't have to sell books or Bionicles or Pokemon cards, or anything else important to him, in order to eat.

What do you mean I can't do that?
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  1. My son Nikolaus would be able to live off that. He won't be doing college next year, going to take a year to work it looks like. He can't take his GED, required because we homeschooled until after July anyway.


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