Friday, February 12, 2010

Testing my Feed

This icon, known as the "feed icon" ...Image via Wikipedia
...and, NO, that does not make me a farm animal as my dear friend Peggy suggested in response to my post yesterday, Changes in My Feed:
are you a farm animal? Did the vet recommend this to your farmer/keeper?
I'm speaking of my RSS feed and getting it to post to my twitter account, which then forwards to my facebook account, and therefore lets everyone know what I'm saying, whether they want to know or not.  That kind of feed.

Twitterfeed seems to be working just fine for my other blogs, but for some reason it just won't work for this one.  So, last night before I posted my Looking at the Sky post, I set Google Feedburner up to Socialize my feed.  It's supposed to automatically post updates from my feed to my social media account - twitter.  But it didn't work, even though it says it's active, and twitterfeed didn't work either.  So, I'm testing it again, thinking maybe it just needed some time to actually get set up.

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  1. The verdict is that, while twitterfeed is working just fine for my other blogs, it still isn't feeding this one to twitter. And neither is Feedburner. Frustrating.

  2.'s frustrating that it's not working. Sorry 'bout that. Wish I could help, but I'm a dunce when it comes to these things.


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