Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Am I Crying?

I just got finished watching an online video about what to expect from the Residence Halls at UW-Whitewater.  Not a sad video, right?  Kind of exciting actually - for Cory.  But, my baby is going to college next year.  I know it will be good for him, and he's supposed to do this, but still...  It was particularly hard when they showed all these parents helping all their students move into their dorms, and I'm thinking it won't be long before we are doing that.

I'm just going to have to start thinking about Branson vacation packages or something fun - to get my mind off of it.  It probably won't work, especially since we'll be spending a lot of time between now and then helping him get ready to go, but at least I can try. 

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  1. I cried buckets when each one of my 3 grown babies went to university.

    Even though you know they are coming back it is one of those enormously emotional milestones for mother and child - and I guess Dad as well, but we Mums feel it the most..


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