Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Get Coupons for Store Brand Baby Formula

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I mentioned a few times on twitter, which then forwards to my facebook, that store brand baby formula is just as good nutritionally as the big name brands.  That means, if you give your baby formula, you can save money by buying the store brand.  This sparked a bit of a discussion on facebook, with the majority agreeing that breastfeeding your babies is best.  I completely agree with that, and both my babies were breastfed.

That being said, if you must give your baby formula, and there are plenty of mothers who feed their babies formula for a variety of reasons, then I think it's definitely worth looking into buying the store brand over the name brand.  Feel free to read the labels and compare for yourself, because it's not just about saving money.  The most important thing is to give your baby the best that you can give him or her, and FDA regulations say that all formula marketed in the U.S. must meet the same basic nutrient specifications.  That means store brand must have the same nutrition as the name brand, and by buying the store brand, you can save as much as 40% per ounce compared to buying the name brand.  You know how much I like to save money, so if I'm sure I would have been looking for the best deal if I had needed to give my babies formula. 

Besides the lower prices on store brand formula, did you know you can get a store-brand formula coupon to save even more?  You just have to fill in your name and address, and they'll send you a coupon.  That's pretty cool, because you don't see many coupons for store brand anything. That's not the only one, because if you take the Baby Formula Quiz, you can also get a $3 coupon for store brand formula, and learn a little more about baby formula while you're at it. 

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  1. Store Brand Baby Formula is creating a lot of vibe as many branded products have lost some of their business due to the coupon offer started by them and they are losing their popularity as they have higher prices for the product of same composition and just with brand name their price is going on a little higher side.


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